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About me

At a very young age, I knew that I wanted to do something that involved art. I remember looking forward to Fridays because we were going to the art room to do arts and crafts. I was the clean creative kid. I tried to color inside the lines to make mine the prettiest. Although there were kids that were way better than me, my mind was constantly drifted to a perfect Disney fairytale place and I always strived to improve and incorporate Disney into everything I created. 


One magical day with my point and shoot camera, I took an up close photo of a flower, and then another of a deep crack in the pavement. Once looking at those images I knew, I knew I wanted to take pictures professionally. The feeling of looking at my computer and imaging the small worlds I created, and with every click of my mouse i was creating true art. To this day my heart races when talking about photography.


I'm happily married to my high school sweet heart, I love to smile, and most of all I love to make others smile. I especially love bringing people joy through my images. I hope to make you smile by capturing a beautiful memory

*Photo by Peyton Michelle Photography*


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